The Solo 401k

We designed our Solo 401k plans to own anything.  Like Apple? Buy it.  Like Google? Buy it.  Like Gold or Annuities?  It’s your choice. Like the lowest cost ETF’s and Mutual Funds?  Like inverse or leveraged investments?  Like options?  It’s your 401k and it’s your money.  Buy what you love, not what profits some broker!

Small businesses (whose only employee is the owner) can open and contribute to a self-employed 401K plan.  Finally, a great tax break strictly geared to benefit the smallest business owners! 

We are in the business of providing investment advice to the 401k plan member.   The Solo plan is a straightforward plan for the individual who has no eligible employees besides him/herself.  It allows for larger annual retirement plan contributions than the SEP or traditional profit sharing plan.   It is in our eyes a great plan for the owner only business.  

SOLO 401K plan features  

Loans are allowed… up to $50,000 or 50% of your vested balance

Accepts Rollovers… Consolidate your retirement funds into one plan, rollover investments from other plans and IRAs 

Contribution flexibility… You decide what to contribute each year, if anything!! A 401k plan is a profit sharing plan.  Profit sharing plans do not have a mandatory contribution requirement.  You can contribute anything from 0% to 25% of your compensation.

Deferral deadline...  Deferrals must be deposited prior to December 31.
Employer contribution deadline.... The maximum 25% employer contribution must be deposited prior to filing the business’ tax return.

No annual filing requirement... If the total plan assets are less than $250,000 (including contributions that may be receivable at year end) then the IRS gives you a "BYE" with regarding to filing the necessary form 5500 and schedules
Investments… You can own almost anything you want. Individual stocks, Mutual Funds, ETF’s, Gold, even annuities.

Inexpensive to establish and maintain… Because we are not affiliated with any mutual fund family or investment house, there is a nominal fee to establish a Solo401k plan.  Then again, we aren’t going to limit your investment choices.  Try owning Apple, from a 401k subsidized by a Mutual Fund Company. No can do.  You decide, own what you want or own what they want.

Click here to set up your Solo 401k.