In-Service Rollover

For employees of big Company Plans we offer:

The In-Service Distribution Rollover

Safeguarding Retirement With a 401(k) Plan-In-Service Withdrawals

We all know people who were getting ready to retire in 2007 and just as they did, the markets dropped 52% at the worst point. Their retirements were destroyed and often their families and marriages were dramatically impacted. 

One of the biggest mistakes clients make is in trusting their employer to take care of their retirement, or more precisely, believing the employer provided the best retirement plan possible.  Most often, the retirement plan you have was never meant to be the best, merely, the cheapest. And you will pay the price if it fails to protect your life’s work.

For clients who have recently started to see rebounding 401(k) values, the prospect of allowing those funds to remain exposed to market fluctuations may seem too great a risk as they near retirement age and begin to crave retirement income guarantees. Fortunately, options exist to allow these clients to take control of their risk exposure using their 401(k) funds without actually waiting until retirement.

By taking advantage of little-known IRS rules that provide for in-service 401(k) rollovers into a private IRA, you can use funds that are already earmarked for retirement to implement a variety of alternatives that could  make your their retirement safer.

For example, you could choose to own better and different investments than your employer may offer.  You might choose to own bonds instead of bond funds.  You might choose an annuity strategy that guarantees income during retirement—all, without incurring a single penalty—while you are still working and contributing to the 401(k) and potentially while you are still receiving your company match!

Not all companies provide for an In-Service Distribution or Rollover but we can find out together.

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