First Meeting



Your first meeting is completely free and it's very important.

It's often the most valuable time you invest in yourself all year. In order for us to speak with you intelligently and in order to make the most of both our time together; we rely on facts... not assumptions and we do not rely on the work of previous advisors who may not have done the work correctly or explained their work to you clearly and so we ask that you bring as many of these documents as you have readily available.

You want to get it right this time, don't you?

Knowing with certainty how your accounts are titled; who the beneficiaries are; and what investments you own and how they work is essential when you move from a stock broker to a Investment Advisory Firm and we want to get it right. For example most clients don't know how their annuities or life insurance products work and they have no idea why they own the stocks or mutual funds they own. You will know when you leave.

Please think about the things you want to change or that you want to ensure recieves our attention. I promise; we will get to all of your questions when you get here.


Important Documents

Please try and bring these documents:

  • A copy of your written Financial Plan
  • A copy of your Estate Plan (if over 5MM)
  • A copy of your written Investment Policy Statement
  • A list of your most important Concerns
  • Your Brokerage/IRA/401k Statements
  • Your Annuities
  • Your Life Insurance
  • Your Disability Insurance
  • Your Long Term Care Plan
  • Your Wills, Trusts and Medical Directives
  • A copy of your DL for the Patriot Act